Agriculture soul of India
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Some important committee

committee                                   year

Cotton committee                          1921

Lac committee                               1931

Jute committee                              1936

Sugarcane  committee                    1944

Coconut committee                         1945

Tobacco  committee                        1945

Oil seed committee                         1947

Areca nut  committee                       1949

Spices committee & Cashew nut committ  1958

           Some famous committee

 COMMITTEE                          RECMONDESION 

Balwant Rai Mehta committee   3 tier panchayati Raj

Ashok Mehta committee              2 tier Panchayati Raj

N. narsimhan committee              Regional rural bank. 

Mohan Singh Mehta committee   Krishi Vigyan Kendra

B Shivaraman committee - National Bank  for  agriculture and rural Development

Some new committees 2016 2017

Ashok dalwai committee  for doubling farmers income

T Haque expert group      Land leasing

Mihir Shah committee      Restructuring water agency

                                          Like:-  Central Water Commission

                                                     Central groundwater board

Deepak Nayak committee  For review Godavari river

Arvind Subramanyam committee  Tackle pulse shortage review minimum support price and bonus for pulse

Madhav chitale committee    to prepare guideline for desiltation of river Ganga

Some important Commission

National Commission on farmers    2004

National Forest Commission          2013 (for review forest polic)

National Commission on cattle      2002

Agriculture Commission                1976

Second irrigation Commission        1972

Commission for agricultural cost and price  1965

Central Forestry Commission    1965

Khadi and village industrial Commission    1957

Central Water Commission            1945

Royal Commission                        1926

First irrigation Commission             1901

Other important committee

Bhanu Pratap Singh committee  for  -agriculture

C Rao committee         agricultural policy 1992

Dr Gadgil committee     agriculture Finance

Gorwala committee        rural Finance

Khusro committee          agriculture credit 1986

Vyas committee             rural credit

Purushottam Das committee    agricultural finance 
and cooperative society

Hanumantha Rao committee     fertilizers

A .V.  Gupta committee           agricultural loan 1997

Veddnathan committee             irrigation water

Maharajan committee                sugar industry 1997

Abhijit Sen committee               long term food scheme 2002

Shankar Lal Gori committee        agriculture marketing

C e commerce committee           multi agency approach in agriculture Finance

UK Sharma committee                Nabard role in RRB

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