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AFO 2013

Agriculture field officer

Question paper 2013

Memory based question

=>Total number of kvks in India :-680 (current)

=>For larger size seed which implement is used :- Planter

=>Indian institute. Of soil and water conservation is situated :- Dehradun

=>Ground water level is measured by :- Piezometer

=>Pig breed famous for meat and giving babies :-White Yorkshire

=>Egg colour depend on:-Xanthophyll

=>Highest soil salinity tolerant crop is :- Barley

=>Test weight of groundnut :- 200-300 Gram

=>National Commission on farmer is started :- 2004

=>Pusa Sanyog is variety of:- Cucumber

=>Shattering process is related to :- Soybean

=>Highest area of fruit crop in India :-Mango

 =>Largest fish production state in India :-Andhra Pradesh

=>For best chicken hen breed is :- White leghorn

=>Central sheep and wool Institute situated in :- Ambika Nagar (Rajasthan)

=>C:N ratio of normal soil :-10-12 : 1

=>Spacing of chickpea :-  30×10 CM

=>Seed rate of pure mustard crop :-5-6 kg/ha

=>Nitrogen requirement for tobacco crop :-30-40 kg/ha

=>Yellow spot in citrus due to:- Molybdenum

=>Total essential nutrient of plant :-17

=>Who is the chairman of NABARD :- Harsh Kumar bhanwala

=>Contribution of agriculture in GDP :-13.7%

=>Highest coffee producing state :-Karnataka

=>Downy mildew of maize due to :- Fungus

=>Buttoning in cauliflower due to :-Nitrogen

=>Highest Calcium found in :-Litchi

=>Sod culture is related to :- Grass

=>Seed rate of tomato :- 400-500 gram/ha

=>Cholai is the weed of :- Bajra,Jowar, Maize

=>Tilt angle of disc plough :- 15-25°

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